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Partners, Customers & Press releases.

WALDEMAR has been working with different sizes of companies and individuals for many years. Personal exchange is particularly important to us here. Since good cooperation can only result from transparent communication from both sides. Together we fight the bed bug situation and bring it under control.



Since mid-2022, we have been working hand in hand with Karsten Jeß in order to be able to communicate our way of working to the right addressees.

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Educating and setting the facts straight is important to us. That is why we are a member of the BEDBUG FOUNDATION.



a&o Hostels and Hostel Europa

Since 2018, we and a&o have been actively working together across Europe. Several infestations have already been treated and the extent of the spread has been demonstrably reduced.

Accor Hotels Europe

We have been working with Accor Hotels Europe (Astor) since 2021, where we are taking over the fight against the associated hotels.

NH Hotels Europa

In the future, NH Hotels (Coperama) will also be served by us in terms of bed bug control.

In 2024 the active cooperation will start.




p.10        March 30, 2023 DIE ZEIT N o 14    Text by Tom Kroll     Illustration by Maren Amini for DIE ZEIT

"Then Grau and Al Awamleh take over. They dismantle skirting boards and cupboard doors, take out drawers, unscrew bedside tables and beds. Then the Cimex Eradicator comes along and it steams into every crack, into every cavity. This is how they destroy larvae and nests, or individual bugs when they encounter them. They then vacuum up the corpses - and the feces. Because the bloody bedbug feces liquefies during steaming, Al Awamleh and Grau stand
in the end there with blood smeared hands. Around 12 animals were found here today, and Grau calls it a “moderately severe infestation.” It takes three hours until the room is free of bugs. If you call the manager of the house weeks later and ask, he says they no longer have any problems in room 404."

You can find the entire article here      Friday, January 6, 2023    Text by Marius Ochsl   

"It's not even a question of hygiene," says Pleister. "Bed bugs don't transmit diseases and only harm people who have allergic reactions." Of course they are disgusting, but they are just nuisances, as common in Asia as mosquitoes are here "Panic is not appropriate. Hotels cannot prevent bed bug infestations from occurring from time to time. Only the number can be massively reduced." 

You can find the entire article here

If something is crawling and tickling in your bed, it could be caused by bed bugs. Several steps are necessary to recognise the parasites and to combat them effectively.

discreet waldemar bedbugs (1).jpg      Freitag, 27 October 2023 Text by Joana Nletfeld   

"Wherever the insects are spotted, we fight them with hot steam and hoovers. But this only works as an overall concept if you've already got to the front of the wave. Bedbugs lay an incredible number of eggs in a short space of time. That's why we have all our rooms checked for insects twice a year."

- Torsten Loos from the a&o-Hostels in Berlin

You can find the entire article here

Travel season is bedbug season:"Waldemar"works ecologically against "bedfellows"

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