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The idea behind the WALDEMAR project emerged from the frustrating endless loop of complaints, reclamations, negative reviews and legal disputes. Not to mention the psychological stress on the team and the financial consequences.
Thus, we became aware that a
new infestations are unavoidable and classic pest control couldn't solve the problem.

Combining this knowledge led to the
WALDEMAR solution.
The mix of
localization , sustainable elimination and regular prevention makes our service unbeatable.



In the team since 2021 and consistently convinced of the system behind Waldemar, Felix is our CEO and expert for business development. In particular, his communicative and open nature characterizes his pragmatic nature. In addition to this, he is available to everyone 24/7, is very well connected and is highly valued by the team and our customers for his analytical thinking. In addition to working at Waldemar, he likes to travel and is always looking out for new approaches. His retreat and self-chosen home is Nuremberg.


Managing Partner


As a native Dutchman, it is in his nature to look at things from all perspectives and to approach them pragmatically. Thanks to many years of management experience at the highest level and a correspondingly widespread network, his expertise and actions are highly valued and gladly used by many top managers. With his passion and his constant will to grow, he is the leading force in our team.

Director of Operations


In Waleed, the team has a versatile and dedicated Operations Manager for all business operations. In addition to his adopted home of Berlin, he also travels all over Europe to manage the various parts of the WALDEMAR family and to make sure that the assignments are in order. Thanks to his decisive experience, Waleed leads the team adequately and unparalleled. Waleed ensures the high quality at WALDEMAR and ensures that all inquiries meet our expectations.


Technical Canine Director


Kris Leysen is the heart of WALDEMAR with his NEMESIS. Because he is our chief trainer for the tracking dogs and their attendants. Originally, the native Belgian didn't hunt for bed bugs, but trained drug and explosive dogs for decades to fight terrorism for the Belgium government. A highly demanding job. Thanks to him, we at WALDEAR can always rely on the best tracking noses.

Sales Manager


Born in the small town of Werder, her path led her to join our team. In addition to her modern, young and committed way of working, Ella is also characterized by her cultural proximity to Russia. In addition to German, she speaks fluent Russian and English and is also trained in customer communication. Due to her pedagogical focus during her school career, she demonstrates negotiating skills and a keen sense of customer needs. In addition to her communicative nature, her way of working can be described as very agile and team-oriented.

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Head of Finance


Our organisation talent in the WALDEMAR team is Jennifer. She joined our team in spring 2021 and has been proactively taking over all financial tasks since then.

As a former professional Judoka and her affinity for numbers, Jennifer is a excellent match for the Head of Finance position

In addition to WALDEMAR, she likes to be out and about with her family and friends in beautiful Potsdam or does sport for inner balance.

Digital Business & Design


Characterized by the openness and creativity of the capital, Vanessa quickly focused her professional career on the media industry. She has found her home particularly in the digital design area and is now developing the graphic, photographic and videographic content for WALDEMAR. In addition to the right feeling for composition and design, she also understands the strategy behind it.

Vanessa has been part of the team since summer 2021 and is our contact for digital business & design.



Biological Consultant Partner


Technical Consultant Partners
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